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Who are the politicians?

Politician is a Person who works for the welfare of the People and its land. He is a selfless Person having no Selfish motives. He is a Gem of a Person, a Leader who leads by (MORE)

What is the origin of the surname Ellison?

The proud and noble English surname of Ellison is thought by many  researchers to have held a family seat in Durham, long before the  Norman Invasion of 1066 A.D.
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What is is everything about Chase Ellison?

Chase Ellison was born in Reno, Nevada (September 22, 1993) and now lives with his parents and 2 siblings in San Diego. He began his acting career at the age of six, working i (MORE)

What is the accomplishments of ellison onizuka?

Ellison Onizuka was born in Hawaii as was I, to parents who came from Japan to work as a young man he was always interested in the Heaven and the Stars, in fact (MORE)