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Belford university certificates is accept in uae?

Usually educational credentials (a certificate, degree, or a diploma) that are accepted in the United States, are also accepted and recognized in UAE. Beflord is an accredited (MORE)

Is the Belford University accredited?

All universities and colleges need to be accredited to earn recognition. Belford is an accredited online university, but not by an agency recognized by the organizations liste (MORE)

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Is Belford University a recognized accredited university?

Belford University is an organization offering online unaccredited degrees for "life experience". The organization maintains a post office box in Humble, Texas, but its certif (MORE)

Is Belford High School an accredited high school?

Answer 1:  Yes, Belford High School is definitely an accredited high school, However, it's accreditation is by the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universties ( (MORE)

What is your opinion on belford high school?

The school offers high school diploma programs for prior learning and life experience. Prior learning means acquired knowledge, skills, and talent from unconventional learning (MORE)

In what state is Belford High School?

Belford is an online high school which means they don't have an actual campus like a regular high school. They might have administrative offices in several cities and states b (MORE)

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