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What is the goal of corporation?

Corporations are stand alone perpetual legal entities whose 'western' legal objective is profit maximization. Additional suggestions would be also to look after the welfare (MORE)

What is a Corporate Lawyer?

A corporate lawyer is a lawyer who is in charge of the legal side of a buisness. Their job is to find a way for buisnesses to do what they want under the rules of the law. The (MORE)

What is Corporate Lobbying?

  Answer   corperate lobbying is what the corporations and firms in the country try to take action and influence the government in some way in order to get interest (MORE)

What are corporate bonds?

Corporate bonds are investments made to corporations that function much like certificates of deposit, except that they are not government-insured in any way (like with FDIC). (MORE)

What is the definition of corporation?

  A corporation, in terms of management accounting, is "A living person".   This is to say that no matter how long the company is in business, who the executive managem (MORE)
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What is a chartered corporation?

a corporation with the same rights as an individual who has reached the age of majority
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Can a corporation own a s corporation?

A corporation cannot own shares of a Scorp   QuickBooks Forum   Payroll Processing up to 50% off ADP and Paychex   Tax Lien Help   Leslie and Associates, Inc. Ho (MORE)

What is corporate taxation?

C Corporation in the US must pay taxes on the net profits of the  corporation before dividends and taxes. The corporate tax is a  progressive tax and the tax brackets start (MORE)

What is the Honeywell corporation?

i bought light bulbs the coil kind and one of them cought fire i think you should let people know about this if i had not been home my house would have burned down. cathi buck (MORE)

What is a s corporation?

An S corporation is one that passes corporate income, losses,  deductions, and credits to it's shareholders. The shareholders then  list these ups and downs on their persona (MORE)