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What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is the use of photography by commercial enterprises for any purpose, not just advertising. For instance companies often hire photographers to shoot photo (MORE)

Can a corporation own a corporation?

Absolutely, this is done quite frequently in business's. Notice how some company's are called divisions or subsidiary of other companies, well that's because they are separate (MORE)
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Is kennecott copper mine in tooele Utah?

No, Tooele is on the other side of the Oquirrh Mountains. It is nearest the town of Copperton. The address of the visitors center in the mine is 12800 South State Hwy. 111 Bin (MORE)

Can a corporation own a s corporation?

A corporation cannot own shares of a Scorp   QuickBooks Forum   Payroll Processing up to 50% off ADP and Paychex   Tax Lien Help   Leslie and Associates, Inc. Ho (MORE)

Why is a corpor?

A corporate design is the official graphical design which Most organisations have. This can be seen in the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envel (MORE)