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Where is singer Kenny Rogers these days?

Kenny Rogers still performs, making musical appearances around the country. He is also a regular on the daytime talk show circuit, showing up regularly on Rachael Ray, The Vie (MORE)

Does Kenny Rogers have grandchildren?

Yes he has two. Blaine with his Daughter Carole, and Keaton with his son Kenny Jr.
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How many wives did Kenny Rogers have and who were they?

As of September 2014, Kenny Rogers had 5 wives. He was married to  Janice Gordon from May 15, 1958-April 1960. He was married to Jean  Rogers from October 1960-1963. He was (MORE)

Is Kenny rogers still alive?

Yes He is. He did a tv show celebrating 50 years. But he was very thin.
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Who are Kenny rogers' wives?

Janice, May 1958 to April 1960; divorced after having one child.  Jean, October 1960 to 1963.  Margo, October 1964 to 1976; divorced after having one child.  Marianne, Octo (MORE)

How old is the wife of Kenny Rogers?

She must be about 45. I went to college with her and her twin sister at Lee College. I was there in 1986 1987 1988 and 1989 and 1990. She is in my year book from Lee Universit (MORE)

Did Kenny Rogers and Olivia newton john do a duet together?

Though they never recorded a song together, they duetted on "Me and  Bobby McGee" in a 1978 episode of the Mike Douglas Show. You can  watch it here : (MORE)
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