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What is Rigil Kent?

    The Star system Alpha Centauri, whose proper name is Rigil Kentaurus, is often shortened to "Rigil Kent".     Now that "ya no it", y not learn more about (MORE)

Where is Kent?

Kent is the S.E. corner of England and includes Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Deal. A place well worth visiting in Kent, except in winter, is Sissinghurst Castle, which has (MORE)

What rhymes with Kent?

bent, Brent, cent, dent, gent, Ghent, lent, meant, pent, rent, sent, scent, spent, stent, tent, Trent, vent, went  
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Who is Ethan Kent?

  Ethan B. Kent   Vice President   Ethan   Ethan Kent is an authority in the practice of Placemaking, with experience on over 200 PPS projects. His experiences (MORE)

Who is kent hovind?

Kent Hovind is a self-described "Creation Scientist." An ultra-conservative Christian and former science teacher, he lectures on his beliefs of Creationism as well as the Ho (MORE)
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What are the suburbs of kent?

Kent is a county in England. Counties do not have suburbs. There are many towns within Kent, most of which would have suburbs.
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Where is kent from?

i think kent is a place in suffoulk No No no no no no no no ^^^ Kent is a county and is a home county which is around London and is in England... honestly Suffoulk is near n (MORE)

How do you play Kent?

4 Players. Each players has 4 cards. 4 cards face up in the center of the players. 2 teams of 2 people each. A signal is made up pre-game for the PARTNERS to agree on. T (MORE)
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Who is Kent Mail and what does he do?

Kent Mail is an email server online that is done through the Kent University. You need to be a student at Kent University to access email through this program.
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