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What were the Kent state shootings of 1970?

The shooting at Kent State on May 4, 1970 occurred as armed National Guard troops fired on a crowd of student anti-war demonstrators. Four students were killed and nine were w (MORE)

Where is kent state university located?

Kent State University is a school in Kent, Ohio. Kent State University, also known as KSU, has eight campuses throughout Ohio state. It's main campus is located in Kent, Ohio (MORE)

Describe the Kent State Tragedy?

A Shooting at Kent State University in 1970, where guardsmen opened fire on students protesting, leaving 4 students dead.
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Where is Kent State University?

It is based in Kent, Ohio. There are also campuses in Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Tuscarawas, Stark, Salem, Trumbull, and Liverpool.  
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What was the incident at Kent State University?

Beginning in 1968, there were protests against the Vietnam war on lots of college campuses across America. At one such protest in May, 1970, at Kent State University in Ohio, (MORE)

What was the kent state tragedy?

In 1970, 4 students were shot and killed by the National Guard at Kent State University in Ohio, during an anti-war protest. Students had been throwing rocks at the soldiers, (MORE)

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What happened at Kent State?

The state National Guard troops fired on students at a peaceful  antiwar protest. Four students were killed (two protesters and two  uninvolved students passing by on their (MORE)