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Who was Simon Magus?

Another answer from our community:    Simon the magus used to do magic tricks and the Word of God tell us  that the people favored him thinking he was someone importan (MORE)

Who is Simon Wickens?

Simon Wickens B.A.(Hons.) F.R.G.S. is a British Barrister based in  the Temple, London.   Born in England, he grew up in the United States of America. He  attended the I (MORE)
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Who is Simon gurdy?

from what I have gleaned, in Ohio in the early 1800's, there was a settler named Simon Gurdy that sided with the Indians against the US. He is said to have killed and scalped (MORE)
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Simon pegg is from where?

Simon Pegg has been in many movies such as: .Shaun of the dead (Romantic comedy with zombies) .Hot fuzz (an action comedy) .Run fat boy run (romantic comedy) .How to lose fri (MORE)

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Who is Kip Simons?

  Answer     Kip Simons 196 Olympian more on his official website.   Answer   Answer     Kip Simons is the Associate (MORE)

Did Kenton Kreider walk Kate down the aisle?

  Since Kate did not become estranged from her parents until after the children were born, it's reasonable to assume her father, Kenton Kreider, walked her down the aisle. (MORE)

Who are Simon and Andrew?

Simon [Peter] and Andrew were brothers. Andrew was one of  John the Baptist's many followers or disciples.   It's not that well known or understood today that the prophec (MORE)