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How do you spell kerching?

The proper name, and the 2003 CBBC TV series, are spelled "Kerching". The show "Kerching!" (2003-2006) derives its title from an exclamation that is the equivalent of "ka chi (MORE)
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What does the term kerching mean in English?

Kerching is the sound that is made by a cash register or when someone is talking about large amounts of money. More information on the word kerching can be found online at th (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Ian Kerch been in?

Ian Kerch has: Played Lenny in "Party Games" in 2004. Played Dying Soldier in "The Refuge" in 2005. Played Saloon Bartender in "Gunmen" in 2007. Played Interrogator in "Sober" (MORE)