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What is a kermit modem?

Answer . There's no suck thing as a "kermit" modem. Kermit is an old protocol used to communicate between modems back in the days of the BBS and before. Old communications (MORE)

Who is kermit?

Kermit is a puppet on the popular show "The Muppets." He is the green frog who is seen as the leader of the group. He also is married to Piggy, the narcissistic pig.

How old is kermit?

The first appearance of Kermit the Frog was on Episode #20.12 of The Ed Sullivan Show, which originally aired on 27 November 1966, three years before the premier of Sesame Str (MORE)

Who is Kermit Quinn?

He's a singer from the group Blackstreet. He sings the song in the Gatorade commercial. It's called Evolve. He has great range. In that song he sounds like Otis Redding, but s (MORE)