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What is a kermit modem?

  Answer   There's no suck thing as a "kermit" modem. Kermit is an old protocol used to communicate between modems back in the days of the BBS and before. Old communi (MORE)

Who is kermit?

Kermit is a puppet on the popular show "The Muppets." He is the green frog who is seen as the leader of the group. He also is married to Piggy, the narcissistic pig.

Who is Kermit the frog?

Kermit the frog is an iconic puppet created by puppeteer Jim Henson. He was famous for hosting the The Muppet Show and also appeared on Sesame Street.
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Who is Kermit Quinn?

He's a singer from the group Blackstreet. He sings the song in the Gatorade commercial. It's called Evolve. He has great range. In that song he sounds like Otis Redding, but s (MORE)

Is Kermit the Frog gay?

No. Kermit the Frog is just a character, and doesn't exist off-screen so he has no sexual orientation.
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What does Kermit mean?

Kermit was (is) a protocol for transferring data between computers  via a 7-bit serial link. It has good error correction. It was named  after the Jim Henson Muppet creation (MORE)