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What is kermit the frog made from?

Kermit the Frog is made from green felt cut into a number of different shapes giving him a frog-like look.
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How did kermit the frog die?

Forensics reports have confirmed that Swine Flu contributed to the death of Kermit. He was found dead in a Seseme Street alley, outside Miss Piggy's penthouse
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Is kermit the frog real?

No,Kermit the frog is not real because if he was real he would have been a real frog and not be able to sstand up that high and he wouldd have alot of fur!
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What name do you like best for a male cat Brewster Grover Sawyer Kermit Stabler Panda Sox Hugs Palmer Dawson or Chatham (CHATum- for the Cape Cod town) Thanks!?

I really like Chatham and Brewster. Stabler is also interesting.    Of course, each cat has a unique personality and you might not want  to name a tiger on your couch (MORE)