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Is kerosene an alkaline?

technichally it is a cetane like diesel fuel and with transmission fluid at 32:1 32 ounces kero to ounce transmission fluid you may be able to use it in a diesel engine.
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What is the Origin of Kerosene?

Kerosene was first made in the early 1800's by distilling coal and oil shale. Oil refineries began manufacturing kerosene after crude oil became readily available during the m (MORE)
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What is the density of kerosene?

At one atmosphere pressure, and temperature of 60 degrees F, the density of kerosene is 817.15 Kg per cubic meter or 0.81715 Kg per Litre
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Advantages of kerosene?

Kerosene is a liquid fossil fuel. Kerosene is safe because it  produces less fumes so it is environmentally more friendly. It is  also safe to store for long periods of time (MORE)
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Is kerosene hydrophobic?

Kerosene is a derivitive of gasoline, which is refined oil. Oil is hydrophobic, therefore kerosene would also be hydrophobic.
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Where to buy Kerosene?

The cheapest store to buy Kerosene is Wal-Mart I like it is like $10? That my guess not sure. Sorry :/
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Is kerosene saurated?

Kerosene is saturated, because it only contains single carbon-carbon covalent bonds. Kerosene is actually a mixture of more than one straight-chain or branched alkane hydrocar (MORE)

What is kerosene oil?

Kerosene is a thin clear liquid formed from hydrocarbons obtained from fractional distillation of petroleum. The process of distilling petroleum into kerosene was first writt (MORE)