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Why are kettle lakes named kettle lakes?

When the glaciers were retreating from southern areas and moved  backwards, large pieces of ice (bigger than a large iceberg) were  left behind. The melt waters from further (MORE)
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What is a spirit kettle?

  A spirit kettle is a teapot or kettle that sits upon a stand and has a burner beneath it. The burner usually burned alcohol, hence the "spirit" in it's name. This was a (MORE)

Function of a kettle?

The function of the kettle is to increase the heat of water, by the use of a perfectly placed element, to 100 degrees Celsius(boiling point). This is the temperature where the (MORE)

How are Kettles formed?

Kettles are formed when a piece of glacier ice breaks off and becomes buried by till or moraine deposits. Over time the ice melts, leaving a small depression in the land, fill (MORE)
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How are Kettle ponds formed?

Kettle ponds are normally formed as glacial ice melts. The ice makes a depression in the soil and when it melts the water that remains is above the water table.
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Why are kettles shiny?

Kettles are shiny as a result of the materials that are used to  make then. Steel, aluminum and iron are the common metals used to  make kettles and they both have a shiny a (MORE)