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What are kettlebells?

Kettlebell is the iron weight with a handle which is used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility training. Kettebell is the work out for (MORE)
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What is Kettlebell lifting?

Kettlebell lifting, also know as kettlebell sport or girevoy sport is a technical sport which requires skill, power, stamina and flexibility. The three competition lifts are c (MORE)
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When will you see the results of kettlebell training?

This really depends on a few variables - Your goals - fat loss, strength, size, cardio How frequently you train and for how long The intensity you are able to work at How tec (MORE)

What is kettlebell training and how does it work?

There are different ways to train with kettlebells. Some people like to call them "hard style" and "soft style", but I personally would say "effective" and "non-effective", ba (MORE)

What brand or type of kettlebell is best and why?

Depends what you're planning to do with it. . If you lift it, then choose so called competition kettlebell. Those spread the weight more evenly and therefore feel more comfor (MORE)
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Where can one can find kettlebells for sale?

Kettlebells are easily available to purchase. Both the Amazon and Ebay websites sell them, with the added advantage that they deliver to ones home. Sports Authority also stock (MORE)
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Which companies make the Kettlebell?

There are a few different companies that manufacture the Kettlebell. These include Dragon Door, who initially re-popularized the Kettlebell in 2000, Power Systems, K2 Kettleb (MORE)
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What are some good Kettlebell exercises?

There are a number of sites that offer great information about good Kettlebell exercises. Some of the exercises that were found are the two handed kettlebell swing, the one h (MORE)
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What is a Dragon Door Kettlebell used for?

Dragon Door Kettlebell provides a proven system and exercise tools to stay fighting-fit, year in, year-out using a variety of cutting edge programs like powerlifting, internal (MORE)