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Who was Edmund Burke?

Edmund Burke was a statesman and political theorist who served for  many years in the House of Commons of Great Britain as a member of  the Whig party. Burke is remembered f (MORE)

Were Burke and Wills heroes of exploration?

Yes, in an Australian traditional sense they were, two blokes going against the odds but seeking adventure and fame. From a historian's perspective they were heroic to attempt (MORE)

How can I search for an article in the East Liverpool Review newspaper about the murder of Kevin Burke ofEast Liverpool Ohio in 1988?

Kevin's name is Burks and he was killed November 16, 1987. He was found on November 27, 1987 in brush creek park. He was shot and had his throat slashed. His murderers are Pet (MORE)

What happend to Burke and Hare?

After they were caught, Hare was given immunity from prosecution if he testified against Burke. Burke was hanged in 1829 for grave robbing. Then just to add insult to injury, (MORE)
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How did Burke and hare get caught?

Burke and HAre got cuaght because a police man asked a surgeon if he had seen this young man. the surgeon then got the young mans' corpse delievered to him a few days later by (MORE)
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What happened to jeannine burks family?

her mother and her siblings were rescued by Christians, and her father was sent to Auschwitz, and sadly never returned. i love my bestfriends ; cly,jsc,lbn.<3
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Are jade r and Burkely dating?

Burkely has said no. They are not dating and he has a girlfriend, however, he has said to jade through twitter that he couldn't wait till she came to America and meet his fami (MORE)

Where did the name burks come from?

the name Burks comes from Ireland it is an Irish name also known as Burk
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Who is Leslie Burke?

The fictional character Leslie Burke is the girl who becomes Jess  Aarons' best friend and confidante in Bridge to Terabithia.  In the 2007 movie adaptation, she was portray (MORE)