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What is economics?

The branch of social science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and their management. This includes capital and raw materials as w (MORE)

How does supply-side economics differ from Keynesian economics?

Supply-side economics focuses on increasing overall supply (goods and services produced) in the long run. This is done by increasing the availability of capital, labor, and t (MORE)

What was the Keynesian theory?

Basically, its the opposite of laissez-faire. it says that the  government should intervene in the depressed economy in order to  jump-start it. the theory behind it is that (MORE)

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What is the economic about?

Modern Definition of Economics   Prof.A.C.Dhas defines economics as "The study of choice making by individuals, institutions, societies, nations and globe under conditions (MORE)

What is Keynesian Transmission Mechanism?

  The Keynesian transmission mechanism is the process whereby changes in the monetary sector (increase or decrease in the interest rate i) have an impact in the real secto (MORE)

What is the difference between social keynesianism and commercial keynesianism?

  Social Keynesianism is the idea that the gov't should stimulate consumption by acting a a regulatory agent in the economy, i.e. regulating monopolies and cartels, bailin (MORE)

What is the Keynesian approach to preventing and solving economic problems in a developed country?

Keynesian economics operates on one principal. Should a country run into economic problems, print money. When additional economic problems arise, rinse and repeat, until the p (MORE)