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What is the 5 best selling albums from the band Rush?

Moving Pictures (1981) is their #1 best selling , with more than 4.4 million in sales. Other big sellers for the band include 2112, Permanent Waves, A Farewell to Kings, and C (MORE)

What are the band queens albums in order?

 Queen (1973)  Queen II (1974)  Sheer Heart Attack (1974)  A Night at the Opera (1975)  A Day at the Races (1976)  News of the World (1977)  Jazz (1978)  The Game (19 (MORE)

How many albums did the band Queen sell?

It is quite difficult to answer this question since Queen have been one of the most successful bands in rock history and this means they sold a huge number of records in diffe (MORE)

What metal band has released the most albums?

I figured it out. The band is from Russia and it's a one-man project called Senmuth that is in the style of industrial/electronic folk doom metal. Total releases: 88 Full L (MORE)

Which band brought out a complication album called gold?

ABBA had two albumns ABBA Gold :- Greatest Hits ~ 1992 ABBA Gold :- More Great Hits ~ 1993 Spandau Ballet 2000 :- Orginal Gold 2001 :- Gold ~ The Best of Spandau Ballet El (MORE)

What was the first band to perform at Woodstock in 1969?

 Richie Havens's performance at Woodstock was scheduled well in  advance. But he was scheduled to play later on that day meaning he  was not the opening performer. Nothing (MORE)