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What does an Odd Keystone do?

An odd keystone can be placed on top of the Hallowed Tower at Solaceon Town to obtain Spiritomb. But you'll have to meet 32 people underground. Once've you've done that, press (MORE)
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What is keyston species?

a species so importent to the surrounding that its removal may cause the entire eco-system to collaps
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What is a AV-keystone?

\nit is when, as if you are looking up at a tall building, a projected image hits a surface at an angle and creates a trapezoid shape i.e. the width recedes as it gets higher (MORE)
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What is a keystones?

An old stone used to hold up many other stones to keep them from collapsing. Its key in keystone is for the use the main stone or building material.

What is a keystone producer?

a keystone animal is one that is so important to an ecosystem that without it the whole ecosystem would collapse. the term keystone comes from ancient roman architecture, whe (MORE)
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What is a pelvic keystone?

A pelvic keystone is the arch of the pelvis where the bone is thinner at the bottom and wedges itself strongly against the pillars. The pelvis is made up of three bones and th (MORE)