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Meaning of a keystone in a visual projector?

If you show a projector squarely at the screen or wall it should make a perfect rectangular display. If you shine it upwards the top of the display will become wider than the (MORE)

Where to get keystone in Final Fantasy 7?

Go to a lone house near Gongaga, and a man living there will tell you that he sold it to Dio, the owner of Gold Saucer. Head over there and go to the Battle Arena, and walk in (MORE)
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Where do you get the Odd keystone in Pokemon Diamond?

Go To Hearthome City Go Down To The Guy Who Gave You The Egg Then Go Left Until You Reach The Two Exits That Look Like This - l Then Go Through The One On The Left Go To The B (MORE)

What is the Latin word for keystone?

There is no such word in Latin, since Roman arches had no special keystone. An arch was either formed from identical wedge-shaped stones or from tiles cemented together.
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Why is polar bear keystone?

Polar bears are considered as a "keystone" species, because they eat fishes, seals, and beluga whales. By eating these organism, the polar bears are controlling the balance of (MORE)

How did Pennsylvania have the nickname of The Keystone State?

Pennsylvania The word "keystone" comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place. Keystone becaus (MORE)

Why is Pennsylvania nicknamed the keystone state?

Theories for why Pennsylvania is called the "Keystone State"  include it's geographic location, which was central to the thirteen  original colonies, it's importance to the (MORE)