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What is keyword density?

Keyword density in SEO is a means to check the on-page usage of keywords and words/phrases in general. It is a measure of the percentage of times a keyword/phrase is used on a (MORE)

What is the difference between assert keyword and if keyword in java?

  The main thing you should keep in mind is that the if-else statement should be used for program flow control and the assert keyword should only be used for testing purpo (MORE)

What are the keywords in Java?

Here's a list of keywords in the Java programming language. You cannot use any of the following as identifiers in your programs. The keywords const and goto are reserved, even (MORE)

Why do we use keywords?

You use keywords because people wants sometimes what answer's but they what keywords, ex: flower, which is used to be in plants is its keyword. Keywords are the most importa (MORE)

What is keywords in C?

extern, static, auto, typedef, struct, union, enum, register, volatile, void, const, signed, unsigned, short, long, char, int, float, double, if, else, while, do, for, switch, (MORE)
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What are the basketball keywords?

Some of the main key words are: Foul, out of bounds, free-throw, three pointer, jump shot, dunk, block, assist, rebound, outlet, and fast break.
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What are keywords?

The expressions "keyword", "key phrase", "search term" and "searchquery" all refer to the particular words that might be entered by auser (surfer) into their search engine. A (MORE)

What is the use of this keyword?

The term keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the  most important words or group of words in your website content.  Keywords play an essential role in the (MORE)

Why keyword important?

Keywords are the tools being used to track down anything, from articles to pictures. It is a very important part in optimizing a website. The common process of optimizing a we (MORE)

What is keyword mapping?

It is a process where a computer analyses a huge volume of text andfocuses in on certain words. This is a practice used by securityagencies to look for threats. So they will l (MORE)