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What is the distance between Odessa and Kharkov?

There is a distance of 716.3 kilometers between Kharkov Ukraine andOdessa Ukraine. The estimated travel time in a car is 9 hours and20 minutes to travel between these 2 locati ( Full Answer )
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From kharkov Ukraine to Russia moscow?

About 421 miles or 677 kilometres distance between the two cities. Travel distance is a little more based on road and highway system between the two cities.
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How many times Kharkov changed hands during world war 2?

Kharkov changed hand 4 times during WWII. It was initially captured by the Germans on October 24th, 1941. After a failed attempt to retake the city in may 1942 it was finally ( Full Answer )
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How good is Kharkove state medical univeristy?

ithing better to ask if you can good to study medicen or not because iknew the kharkov medical unevirsity its very very very GOOD.
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What is the telephone area code for Kharkov Ukraine?

Kharkov, Ukraine, is +380 572. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefixhere." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in fullinternational form ( Full Answer )
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Who won the Battle of Kharkov?

In October 1941, the First Battle ofKharkov was won by the German troops capturing thecity. . In May 1942, during the Second Battle ofKharkov , Soviet forces failed in ( Full Answer )