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Who is Khartoum?

it's not a person, but it's the capital of Sudan. First of all it's not a who. It is the capital of Sudan, in the east-central part of the country at the confluence of the Bl (MORE)
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Does Khartoum have hills?

The city of Khartoum, Sudan lies at the confluence of the Nile and Blue Nile rivers and, therefore, is on flat, floodplain land. However, there are hills a few miles to the ea (MORE)
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Where is Khartoum?

The city of Khartoum is the capital of the Republic of Sudan (on the African continent). Population: 1,970,000. 15°32'38.35"N 32°32'8.44"E Physically it is located (MORE)
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What is the area of Khartoum?

Khartoum is located in Sudan. Khartoum covers a total of 8,549.07square miles. The population is 1.411 million people, and theelevation is 1,260 feet.
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What is the climate for khartoum?

Khartoum is the capital and second largest city of the Republic ofSudan. It has a subtropical desert and low-latitude arid hotclimate.
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What is Khartoum Government?

Khartoum is the capital and second largest city of the Republic ofSudan and of Khartoum State. It is located at the confluence of theWhite Nile, flowing north from Lake Victor (MORE)
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What can you do in Khartoum?

you can go to the island nearby that sit in the nile and go swimming in one of the beaches. look at battle sights. see al-mahdi grave sight, go to the local markets with great (MORE)
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What is Khartoum famous for?

Confluence of the White and Blue Niles The Battle of Omduruman The place where the British General Gordon was killed Residence and burial place of the Mahdi
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What is the motto of University of Khartoum?

The motto of University of Khartoum is 'الله - الحقيقة - الوطن - الإنسانية Allah - Al-hagiga - Al-w (MORE)