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How long does khat stay in your body?

khat can stay your body almost 24 hours and it depends on the usege of the person who chews it. for example if you chew khat dailly you may addict and sleep ever night with ou (MORE)

Can you make clothes from khat?

this plant is primarily used as a source for a drug with no references to it being used for clothing. google khat to find out more. this plant is primarily used as a source (MORE)
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What is a khat?

Khat is a slow-growing shrub or tree that grows to between 1.5 metres and 20 metres tall, depending on region and rainfall, with evergreen leaves 5--10 cm long and 1--4 cm bro (MORE)
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What is khat made of?

Khat is a green tree but we sould call it a bad tree because it is dangerous so be warned of it. . habit of chewing Khat is very bad becouse you will loss your health an (MORE)
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Where can i get khat online in UK?

i don't think you can get it on the internet because it is illegal to sell it, supply it in anyway or advertise it. But it is legal to have it on you. Apparently you can get i (MORE)
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How do khat enters your body?

I have done alot of drugs except heroin and cocaine. Khat is kinda like chewing tabacco entering the same way it does giving the buzz the same way but just 4 hours. If its you (MORE)

Is khat legal?

On June 24, 2014 khat became a Class C drug. Which means that it isillegal to have or even supply khat. If you have been abroad acountry where khat is legal and decide to go t (MORE)