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Who are Khazars and why are they so influential?

The Khazars were a medieval kingdom in the Caucasus , who were driven west by the Muslim invasions of the area in the 10th Century. It is also historically proven that they se ( Full Answer )
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Who were the khazars?

The Khazars were a Turkic Empire in what is today southern Russia,around the Caspian Sea around the years 900-1000 CE. The elite ofthe Khazars converted to Judaism to trade mo ( Full Answer )
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Were the Khazars Successful?

It has been speculated that only the inner royal circle of the Khazars became Jewish, not the entire nation. In any case, they were located in the Crimea and conducted trade. ( Full Answer )
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Are Khazars the original Jews?

No. That is an anti-Semitic canard and has been disproved through DNA analysis. The Khazars were a people in southern Russia whose small ruling class converted to Judaism (som ( Full Answer )
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How old is Leo IV the Khazar?

Leo IV the Khazar was born on January 25, 750 and died on September 8, 780. Leo IV the Khazar would have been 30 years old at the time of death or 1265 years old today.
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Did the khazars steal Judaism from black Hebrews?

No. The Khazars converted. Some researchers say that only the ruling class converted. So far not a lot of physical evidence of their kingdom has been found.
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Are Khazars Jewish?

The Khazars were converts to Judaism, around 1200 years ago in theCrimea. Some scholars believe that only the ruling clique of theKhazars became Jewish while most of the popul ( Full Answer )
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Does Jewish tradition support the claim that Ashkenazim are descended from Khazars?

No. That is an anti-Semitic slur made popular in a screed writtenby a Jewish Jew-hater named Koestler. 1) We have an unbroken tradition of 3800 years with thousands ofnames an ( Full Answer )