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When was kickboxing invented?

The true roots of Kickboxing can be found to date back 2000 years ago in Far East Asia, where Muay Thai Kickboxing was commonly practiced as a self-defense discipline. However (MORE)
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Where does kickboxing come from?

karate is originated from japan and as noticed similar to kickboxing comes from Thailand and gkr is none contact sport put kick boxing is contact
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What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a sport that is really fun and focuses mainly on cordination of the hands and feet. there are specific stances, punches, kicks, and blocks. an example in the ord (MORE)
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What are the kickboxing stretches?

get someone to raise your leg to the maximum height of your ability. stretch your knees, groin, and back of legs. and also your waist
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Is their kickboxing in the military?

Yes kickboxing is used in the military, but it is cardio-kickboxing. Cardio-kickboxing increases stamina, strength, self-disipline and many other things. It also makes it so t (MORE)
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What are the kickboxing rules?

dpends on the styles your doing . e.g. semi contact (points) will have different rules from light contact(continuous) or full contact or k1, or kickfighting etc
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Where can you do kickboxing for girls?

At a guess i'd say a kickboxing club that caters for female members... although i guess the answer you're looking for is a bit more specific than that? How about adding a bit (MORE)