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What is hacking?

Hacking is the act of breaking in to a computersystem and is a criminal offence under the computer misuse.    Answer: The really simple definition of hacking: is gaini (MORE)
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What is hacking in basketball?

It is when you foul someone non-stop. You always foul out in a baskteball game. And you always push or lke slam someone, and foul them really badly.

What is meant by hacking?

Hacking is the practice of illegally gaining access to a computer  or network. The term hacking is also used to describe the art of  opening up a piece of electronics and mo (MORE)

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Why is hacking illegal?

It is illegal because it is getting into a system another person owns. If you wanted to do legal hacking then you would have to own the system.
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What is the penalty for hacking?

Depends how bad. You could be sent to prision You could be fined You could have your internet disabled by the government You could get yourself hacked
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What is hacking and what is cracking?

  hacking= The search of all related to information systems, it's vulnerabilities and security mechanisms in order to protect our system from those who become unethical ha (MORE)

Who does hacking affect?

Hacking can effect anybody starting with a person's myspace or facebook being hacked in order to obtain that person's personal information and photos to a person website being (MORE)

Is the PS3 hacked?

Some of the other models could be hacked and that was why Sony claimed they removed the other OP system in a update to the PS3. see related link
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What is drive-by hacking?

Drive-by hacking is when someone uses an unsecured wireless network to either gain access to that networks resources or using that internet connection for hacking into other s (MORE)