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What is the English translation of the kiddush?

The below is very full and complete - however in my experience -most reform Jews only do the short portion which translates to:Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the unive (MORE)
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Why don't we make Hamotzi immediately after Kiddush?

The Shulchan Aruch (Remo in 271:12) indeed says that one should wash before Kiddush and make Hamotzi immediately after Kiddush - and the Yekkes (Jews whose ancestors lived in (MORE)
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What is Kiddush?

Kiddush (or Kiddish) is a blessing recited over a cup of wine before the evening and morning meal on the Jewish Sabbath and major festivals. Kiddush acknowledges the sanctit (MORE)
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Why do Jewish drink out of a kiddush cup?

Drinking from the kiddush cup is an important part of Shabbat and most Jewish holidays. The word kiddush refers not to the cup itself but to the blessing said over the wine or (MORE)
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Why do Jews drink wine from the kiddush cup?

Wine is a symbol of joy, and Shabbat is the most joyful day of the week. A special blessing, called Kiddush, is said over Shabbat, that also includes wine. The cup later came (MORE)
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What is the kiddush cup used for?

The Kiddush cup is used for drinking wine after the Kiddush blessings are said. The Kiddush blessings are sung at the beginning of the Sabbath meal.
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Is kiddush wine okay to drink at 11?

That is a decision for the parents to make. A lot of families allow their children to have a small amount of kiddish wine with no negative results.
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What is a kiddush cup and how is it used?

A kiddush cup, often made of silver, holds the wine on which we saythe blessing (the kiddush) announcing the Sabbath. It can also beused for other blessings over wine such as (MORE)
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Do orthodox Jews eat kiddush?

"Kiddush" is not a foodstuff, it is an action. The word literally means "hallowing". Orthodox Jews perform Kiddush when Shabbat begins (Friday evening), which involves the ble (MORE)