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What do you do if you are kidnapped?

Please look at the related link below. Answer: It has great points you might not have thougth of and gives good tips. Great links as well. Do what you have to do to stay (MORE)
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How do you get kidnapped?

Dress inapropriately and talk to strangers. It might lead to sex but it would still b napping if there was any force.
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What Greek goddess was kidnapped and who kidnapped her?

One myth recounts the story of Demeter's daughter, Persephone, whose beauty had so empassioned Hades, the God of the Underworld, that he tore open the face of the earth, and r (MORE)
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What do you do if your kidnapped?

Try to blind the kidnapper if he's driving, or kick scream and punch. If they are holding you hostage try to knock them out with a heavy object, and run like heck. If you a (MORE)
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How can you get kidnapped?

You can get kidnapped really easily. If any stranger calls you ,don't go to them! if any body in a car is like "Hey you know where East gate mall is?" NEVER EVER go to them ! (MORE)
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Why do kids get kidnapped?

For demanding huge ransom.if kidnappers are psychic they may do it for fun/to satisfy their brutal nature/molest/rape, etc. Actually the whole thing can be depended upon va (MORE)
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Why was Pocahonas kidnapped?

pohaton (her father) had guns and captives in order to get these back the English captured pocahontus a the price of 7 captives and all of the guns
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Why is kidnapping called kidnapping?

Appropriately enough, kidnapper seems to have originated among those who perpetrate this crime. We know this because kid and napper, the two parts of the compound, were slang (MORE)
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What to do when you get kidnapped?

The key is to avoid being kidnapped! Prevention can include: . Stay in groups. . Stay in public places. . Watch over your friends. . Don't go up to stranger's vehicles-- (MORE)
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Why does tidus get kidnapped?

If you're talking about the beginning of the game when he is transported from Zanarkand to Spira by Sin and Auron, it was done so that he could put an end to Sin because Jecht (MORE)