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What is the process of kidney transplantation?

  Evaluation of Potential Recipients     After thinking about the advantages and disadvantages, the next step is the decision by your physicians as to whether or no (MORE)

Where does a kidney for a kidney transplant come from?

The kidney can come from a live donor or someone who just deceased. In some cases, it may come from a relative or a same blood type person. But it depends. Kidneys can be give (MORE)

Can you have a Kidney transplantation after kidney cancer?

You can but it would be pointless because it would have already spread around the body. Please ask your doctor or a kidney specialist for advice about this. Assuming the ca (MORE)

Why transplant a kidney?

If both of the patients kidney's have failed, they need a kidney transplant to live. (Dialysis is not a permenent solution). This is why kidney transplants happen. (Unfortunat (MORE)

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