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Have cabbage onion kielbasa and potatoes to work with Anyone have any tried and true good recipes that require the above things?

    I have a recipe that is a family and church favorite using the above ingredients. I call it Cabbage & Kielbasa Boiled Dinner.     Ingredients:   1 med. h (MORE)

What is kielbasa sausage?

  Kielbasa sausage is simply Polish sausage , word "kielbasa" means sausage in Polish. Polish sausage is usually made of pork with spices and garlic and slowly smoked in t (MORE)

How long can you freeze kielbasa?

  Meats freeze and keep well in the freezer. You can store them over a year if kept frozen. Freezing is the best way to preserve foods.
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How long to bake kielbasa?

Kielbasa is a fully cooked sausage. It only needs to be heated through. I usually just cook in a covered skillet with an inch or two of water until hot unless cooking with oth (MORE)

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