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Why is dawn called Dee Dee?

The reason why all of Dawn's childhood friends call her Dee Dee is revealed in DP161. She hates the name because of an incident that happened when they were all in Nursery Sch (MORE)
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How was Dee Dee Jackson killed?

Dee Dee did not know how to swim and was afraid of the water. On August 27th, 1994, at the age of 39, the mother of recording artists Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson, known profess (MORE)

Who is Dee Dee Bellson and where is she now?

        Dee Dee Bellson is the daughter of legendary performers Pearl Bailey and Louie Bellson. She is a singer / performer in her own right, and appeared on (MORE)
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What is Kiki Dee's real name?

Kiki Dee is an English singer. Her real name is Pauline Matthews.She is most famous for her duet with Elton John, which was named "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". It went to Numb (MORE)

Who is kiki kannibal?

Kiki Kannibal is a scene queen. Basically, she is a self-hyped Internet celebrity who is compared with Audrey Kitching and other scene queens. She often is seen with another " (MORE)

Was kiki dee ever married?

no. she has no kids. she dated a gutarist in elton john's band and when they split it took some time to heal. her career is her marriage.

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