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How can you get killed?

This can be completed in many ways, if you watch too much Hannah Montana you can die of borem ... Some people would rather smoke themself to death but that is long and hard wo (MORE)

How can they be killed?

skinwalkers can die if you say their name correct."[full name] you are a skinwalker" if you get the name wrong you'll die in three days. another way to kill a skinwalker is to (MORE)

What do you do if you get killed?

You don't 'do' anything, you are dead, just hope or pray that before you die your loved ones give you a good send off and your dependants know where your last will and insuran (MORE)

Who has The Will to Kill?

Textbook The psychological study by James Alan Fox and others (2005) is available through Amazon or from Pearson Education. Death Metal Album The 2002 album by the band Mal (MORE)