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How can you kindly end a relationship with your boyfriend?

It's wonderful to hear of someone that cares about the person they want to break up with. There is no real kind way to break up with someone that loves you. Just be honest and (MORE)

How do you kindly end a friendship?

Answer . The best way is honestly, but choose your words wisely. No matter how you put it you will hurt the person, but if you aren't honest it will hurt them more. Go some (MORE)

Where did the phrase thank you kindly originate from?

It originates from Ireland, and is generally used by Irish immigrants. I've often caught my English teacher, who was born in Ireland, saying "Thank you kindly", which gives a (MORE)
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Kindly do the needful - is this a correct usage?

It's antiquated and sounds strange to English ears, but there's nothing particularly wrong with it in and of itself. It's a phrase I hear often from Indian colleagues but is (MORE)

Is kindly an adjective?

Yes, it is an adjective meaning benevolent. It may also be used asan adverb (e.g they treated me kindly).
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Who are the kindly ones in Percy Jackson?

The kindly ones are a nickname for these monsters. These monsters are actualy called the furries and they are monsters that belong to hades. The furies in the Ligthning thief (MORE)