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Why was King Arthur a respected king?

King Arthur released Excalibur sword from stone what was proof he  can be the only right king. Arthur also bring a justice and peace  into his land. He was much better king (MORE)

Who is King Arthur?

King Arthur, whether legend or true, was a young king in the 500's a.d. who tried to maintain peace and harmony within his Kingdom of Camelot. He was kind, sincere and humane. (MORE)

What did Arthur do as king?

Unknown! We do not even know if there was a King Arthur. Most historians believe the legend derives from a dark age warlord 5-6th century who halted the advance of the Saxon i (MORE)

When was King Arthur of England King?

King Arthur is a mythical king in many tales like "Camelot" he iwas not a real king and ruler in England.  Answer  If any of the earliest histories about Arthur can be belie (MORE)

Why was King Arthur such a great king?

King arthur was said to be such a great king because of theorys of luck and strength , he pulled a sword from a stone , and some people say that the lady-of-the-lake gave him (MORE)

Where is King Arthur?

King Arthur is a highly respected King from the English monastery  who existed between 4th and 5th century. However, many historians  rebuttal the claims made about Arthur s (MORE)

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