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What is the role of the fool in King Lear?

He is used to show lears true feelings and higlight lears  foolishness   he is a significant character and is the only character in the play  who can get away with talki (MORE)

What is the major conflict in King Lear?

Through the first couple of acts, the play is dominated by the conflict between Lear and his daughters, first Cordelia, then Goneril, then Regan. The conflict between Edmund a (MORE)

What happens to King Lear and Cordelia?

Edmund orders Cordelia to be hanged while she is in jail. After he is fatally injured in a fight with his brother, he regrets this and tells about it. We hope that they can ge (MORE)

How old is goneril in King Lear?

Goneril is the eldest of Lear's daughters, and thus a few years older than Cordelia, who is of marriageable age. She herself is married, and is not so old as to be past childb (MORE)

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Why was King Lear banned from stage?

It was not formally banned, but it was effectively banned in two ways. First, from the Restoration and the revival of theatre in England in the 1660s to 1838, everybody though (MORE)