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Who killed regan in King Lear?

Goneril, her sister, poisons her. Some productions feature Albany, Regan and Goneril celebrating after winning the battle, each having a glass of wine that Goneril pours. As s (MORE)

Youngest daughter of King Lear?

The youngest daughter of King Lear is Cordelia. His eldest daughter is Goneril and Regan is the middle child.
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What is main theme of king lear?

there are many important themes in king Lear but i think that the theme of true love , reality vs. appearance , and generation gap are the most important as they play a major (MORE)

How does king lear change?

King Lear starts off the story by making a huge mistake by banishing cordelia and trusting goneril and regan with his power. It turns out this rash decision is what changed hi (MORE)
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What type of play is King Lear?

It's a tragedy--one of the bleakest of Shakespeare's tragedies, which explores filial ingratitude, the embarassment of aging, insanity, pride, and the unfairness and meaningle (MORE)

Is their superstition in King Lear?

Yes, many of the characters blame the events of what happens to them on external sources based on superstitions. Gloucester blames the gods for his misfortunes and remarks t (MORE)

Who are the main characters in king lear?

The main characters in the play are King Lear and his three daughters. The Earl of Gloucester is also moderately important as he shares similar dilemmas as Lear. (both were be (MORE)

Who dies in king lear?

Basically everyone dies in King Lear. King Lear, all three of his daughters (Regan, Goneril, Cordelia) die. Edmund and his father Gloucester die, too. It is unknown whether Ke (MORE)

Son of gloucester in King Lear?

Gloucester has two sons in the play. His blood son is Edgar while his illegitimate son is Edmund. A bit about Edmund: Edmund is outraged that Edgar is getting all of their f (MORE)