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Why is the United Kingdom also known as Great Britain?

The United Kingdom is not known as Great Britain. It is a mistake  people make. The United Kingdom refers to the four countries  England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Irelan (MORE)

Is the United Kingdom and Great Britain the same?

No. Great Britain is the island that contains England, Wales &  Scotland. The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain (England,  Wales & Scotland) and also Northern Ireland (MORE)

Why is Great Britain not referred to as 'Great Britain and Northern Ireland' or 'United Kingdom'?

The 'British Isles' are made up of many islands including the 'Isleof Man', 'Ireland' and the larger 'Great Britain' which is dividedinto England, Scotland and Wales. The 'Un (MORE)

What is the difference between England Great Britain and The United Kingdom?

England is a constituent country in the United Kingdom. Great Britain is the largest island in the British Isles and includes the constituent countries of England, Scotland, a (MORE)

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What is difference between the terms United Kingdom and Great Britain?

In 1707 Scotland and England united to form Great Britain. In 1801 Great Britain and Ireland united to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1922 the Irish (MORE)

Which kingdoms were united to form Great Britain?

None. Great Britain is an island, so it is a physical entity, not a political one. The island existed long before any kingdoms were created, so no kingdoms united to create it (MORE)