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What is the definition of 'kinsman redeemer'?

Answer \n. \n. \nIt is when a persons relative pays a debt that the person is unable to pay. Jesus is called our kinsman redeemer, because He came to the earth in the fo (MORE)
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Where in the Bible is kinsman redeemer mentioned?

The English translation "kinsman redeemer" only appears six times in the Bible. All of these occurences are in the hyphonated form, and all of them appear in chapters 3 and 4 (MORE)
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What is kinsman?

'Ne ar of kin' meant any immediate family member:- Lev 21:2 KJV But for his kin , that is near unto him, that is , for his mother , and for his father , an (MORE)
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Who can be a kinsman redeemer after a brother?

A person could be redeemed by his brother, uncle, uncle's son, or anyone 'nigh of kin':- Lev 25:48-49 KJV After that he is sold he may be redeemed again; one of his brethr (MORE)
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Who is a kinsman to the prince killed by romeo?

Tybalt, he is killed in act 3 scene 1 after he kills Romeo's good friend, Mercutio. Romeo takes his anger and self-defense out on Tybalt, and Romeo is banished from Verona for (MORE)
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How old are Brent and Shane Kinsman?

Brent Eugene Kinsman and Shane Frank Kinsman are child actors. Theywere born November 13, 1997. Rather than appearing as the same character (common with childactors), the two (MORE)
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Is Christ the kinsman-redeemer for mankind?

I personally think so but not everyone does people who follow different religions think different things. And by different I don't mean any disrespect to people who aren't Chr (MORE)
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What is the definition of the word kinsman?

The definition of the word kinsman refers to males. Kinsman refers to being related by blood which would mean males are related to each other by blood.
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What has the author Francis Kinsman written?

Francis Kinsman has written: 'Millennium' -- subject(s): Forecasts, Social change, Twenty-first century 'The city round' 'The telecommuters' -- subject(s): Telecommuting (MORE)