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What will Juliet's kinsman do if they see her talking to Romeo?

they will kill Romeo. here is a quote that demonstrates this: Juliet: if they see you, they will kill you. Romeo: alas, I'm more afraid of your eyes than 20 of their swords.
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What does kinsman redeemer mean in the book of Ruth?

Kinsman redeemer was a culture practiced in the Nation of Israel's and other communities. In the event that a man got married and all his sons who would carry the family name (MORE)

Where in the Bible is kinsman redeemer mentioned?

The English translation "kinsman redeemer" only appears six times in the Bible. All of these occurences are in the hyphonated form, and all of them appear in chapters 3 and 4 (MORE)

Who is a kinsman to the prince killed by romeo?

Tybalt, he is killed in act 3 scene 1 after he kills Romeo's good friend, Mercutio. Romeo takes his anger and self-defense out on Tybalt, and Romeo is banished from Verona for (MORE)