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When was Leningrad named Stalingrad?

It wasn't. They are two separate cities.   As a result of the Communist Revolution in 1917, the Soviets renamed some of their cities to erase the memory of living under the (MORE)

What happened in Leningrad?

Leningrad is a Russian City. What happened was it was heavily  sieged by the Germans in the second World War. It is believed that  the siege killed 632,000 people.

Where was Leningrad?

Leningrad is what we know as st. petersburg. It was originally known as St. Petersburg being renamed to Petrograd because it sounded too German. After the death of Lenin the (MORE)

What happened in the Siege of Leningrad?

The Siege of Leningrad,was a prolonged military operation undertaken by the German Army Group North against Leningrad in the Eastern Front theater of World War II. The siege s (MORE)

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