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What to do after kissing?

whatever feels right. If you've just kissed, and he/she seems to have enjoyed it, maybe cuddle up to each other. never make it awkward, though, by doing nothing. Pick up on a (MORE)

What do you do when he kisses you?

welll... it depends if you wanted to kiss him? 1.if you wanted to kiss him. who went in for the kiss first? if he did, then he obviously wanted to kiss you, so he must (MORE)

How to kiss?

If it's your first date then lean in slowly and kiss 1) Make eye contact 2) Slowly shift your eyes down to the girls/guys lips and back upto their eyes 3) tilt your head slig (MORE)
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What is a kissing?

Kissing is when one person touches their lips to the lips or body of another person as a mark of affection or greeting.
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What can you get by kissing?

Well you can get a lot of things here are some 1. Kissing helps you prevent cavities 2. When you kiss your lover it can help improve your mood
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What after a kiss?

If you are a girl, you would just smile, and say that was nice, but if you are a boy, you would give her a hug and maybe another kiss, and say well are you ready to go in a po (MORE)
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What is Bernoulli's Principle and Pascal's Principle?

Pascal's Principe is the rule that when force is applied to a confined fluid the increase in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid.Bernoulli's principle is (MORE)

What not to do when you kiss?

things you probably shouldn't do... be shy and clumsy. take control when you kiss someone be too attacking and aggressive. you can get aggressive or passionate, but not overw (MORE)