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Where is Carson lueders from?

Carson and his family lives in Spokane, Washington Carson was born  on the 26th of July, 2001, at 5:36pm. His sister's name is Olivia,  and his brother's name is Jackson. Ca (MORE)
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How did kit Carsons dad die?

Carson was seven when his father was killed by a falling tree while clearing land.
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When did Kit Carson explore Nevada?

Kit Carson first entered the western side of what is now the state of Nevada on his journey southward as guide to the Fremont expedition in 1843. The party went southeast afte (MORE)

How old was kit Carson when he died?

Christopher Houston Carson, better known as Kit, was born on  December 24, 1809 in Kentucky. He was a well known Indian fighter  and trailblazer. After leaving home at age 1 (MORE)

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Who were Jim Bridger and Kit Carson?

They were 'characters ' of the old west. Bridger and Carson wereexplorers, mountain men, trappers, buffalo hunters and greatstoryteller. Carson was also an army officer at one (MORE)