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What is kitchen gardening?

  This usually is a small plot to grow some fresh vegetables, herbs and maybe some cut flowers in, for use in the kitchen and home.
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What is butchery kitchen?

A chef or purveyor who is responsible for butchering meats, poultry, and occasionally fish. In the brigade system, the butcher may also be responsible for breading meat and fi (MORE)

What is a commissary kitchen?

A staging or commissary kitchen is an area within a licensed food  establishment where food can be prepared from raw to ready to  eat.We have commercial grade work benches,s (MORE)

What kind of kitchen is an open kitchen?

an open kitchen is when every one does everything and when also you are sitting in a restaurant you can see wat they are doing. open kitchens are popular in little resturants (MORE)

What is a kitchen?

A kitchen is a room where you can cook your meal, wash the dishes  and have breakfast. It is furnished with a kitchen cabinet, a  dish-washer and a good long working top whe (MORE)

What is a BOH kitchen?

BOH = Back of house, the term is usually used in the hospitality environment. Such as BOH Manager experience as in Back of House Manager, normally is a kitchen manager, expedi (MORE)