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What rhymes with kite?

Rhymes with kite: AlightAlrightArightBightBiteBlightBrightByteCiteContriteDwightFightFlightFrightHeightIgniteInciteIndictInditeInviteKnightLightLiteMightMiteNightOutrightPlig (MORE)

Is a trapezoid a kite?

  No.   In general, a trapezoid is a 4-sided figure with one pair of parallel sides. The kite is a 4-sided figure with two pairs of directly connected equilateral sides (MORE)

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How do you have fun?

You can have fun by working on hobbies, hanging out with friends and listening to favorite music, as well as numerous other games and activities. Sports and other physical act (MORE)

How is a kite a rhombus?

A rhombus has four sides that are all the same length ---------------------------------------- but if you are talking about the geometric shape kite - it is not a rhombus. (MORE)
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How does a kite fly?

The way the string attaches to the kite causes it to stay at the proper angle; then the wind hits the front or top part first and moves to the bottom or tail, it forces the ki (MORE)

What is a kite diagram?

a kite diagram is a graph showing the density and distribution of several species. the species can be compared and their interrelationship can be determined through this graph (MORE)

Is a parallelogram a kite?

  No, a parallelogram is not a kite. The parallelogram has two sets of parallel sides. The kite has no parallel sides. That's a disqualifier.
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What are matariki kites?

A Matakari is a type of kite. A Matakari kite is a kite that is very large. They kites had connections between heaven and earth, and were often flown at the Matakari event tha (MORE)

Is a triangle a kite?

No.    A kite is a quadrilateral (4 sided figure) with two pairs of  adjacent sides of equal length; its diagonals are perpendicular.   A triangle has 3 sides.
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