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Is Taylor Kitsch Single?

Yes, he´s is single at the moment! But he is a very private person! Legally single, but was with a tall blonde woman at a charity event on 5/13/11. Most definitely his g (MORE)

What is Taylor kitsch type of girl?

A girl who has a great sense of herself and does not need to be with someone all of the time because his job requires a lot of travel. There also has to be trust. He likes to (MORE)
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Where did kitsch originate from?

The word kitsch is a word originated from Germany, which is a form of art that is not appreciated due to criticism of gaudiness and is described as poor taste. However, it is (MORE)
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What does kitsch means?

Kitsch is a German word adopted into English meaning 'worthless trash'. Some people consider such items to be in poor taste and some enjoy and collect kitsch