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Is Klonoa a rabbit or cat?

wtf. He's neither. he's not a Rabbit, a cat, a dog, a fox, etc. P.S. i know what animal he TRULY is, but i dont wanna tell anyone ;P they might stare in shock. hint:He's some ( Full Answer )
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What animal is klonoa?

Klonoa is one specific animal. You'll be surprised. He's not any rabbit or cat. He's a skunk.
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Who own klonoa?

Klonoa is owned by NamcoBandai. The development team who produces the games is named KlonoaWorks.
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How do you unlock the extra vision in Klonoa?

Extra visions are unlocked by collecting all 150 dreamstones within each level. Gathering the most dreamstones while the Mirror Fiery is activated is required to obtain all 15 ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy a Klonoa plush?

So far, the only way is to commission a user on DA or something of the like to make one.
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Who would win Sonic or Klonoa?

Sonic, pretty obvious. Yeah, right! Klonoa has defeated the likes of Nahatomb, a monstercapable of destroying the entire world! I think he could put up agood fight.
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Where can you find the game KLONOA for wii?

Local retailers could possibly sell the Wii version however the version may be sold out due to shelf-life. Ebay and other online shopping websites sell used and new copies of ( Full Answer )