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What shoes do you where with knee high socks?

You could wear flats, ankle high boots, other tall boots, converse sneakers, and even heels without having the thin pointy heel because then it looks sluty. I love wearing kne (MORE)

Do grasshoppers have lungs?

A grasshopper needs to breathe air-just as a person does. But grasshoppers don't have lungs. Instead, they have tiny holes, called spiracles, in their thoraxes and abdomens.  (MORE)

Does a grasshopper have a backbone?

No, grasshopper do not have a backbone, in fact they don't have any  bones at all. Insects, like grasshoppers, are supported by an outer  shell called an exoskeleton. Exoske (MORE)

How long is a grasshopper?

Grasshoppers are plant-eating insects characterized by long hind legs designed for locomotion by jumping. Male grasshoppers are smaller than females, and size varies greatly b (MORE)

Does white stag still make support knee high stockings and if so where are they sold?

Why does'nt Walmart make White Stag Cushioned Sole Knee Hi number  RN#14440 They were good knee hi's. Forget About the George knee  hi's NO GOOD. We have to order from anoth (MORE)

How can i get a grasshopper?

For the insect look in a dry field, grassy area, or near a pond/lake. Use a net and look on the ground. Don't use your hands because you might get bitten and get a disease gra (MORE)
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How many percent of basketball players wear socks knee high?

Basically depends where you are. In the states you see most players with them but in Canada not so much.
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