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Who invented knighthood?

Charlemagne invented knighthood so that all his soldiers would live by Christlike and ethical standards. If they refused to conduct themselves in this manner, they would lose (MORE)

What does knighthood mean?

It is an honorary title bestowed on one by the queen (or king) for meritorious service of a high order. It began in the middle ages, when those men who protected the king and (MORE)
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When was knighthood invented?

it all began in the middle ages. According to tradition, the first Order of Knighthood was The Order of the Silver Tower , established by the first High King, Balmord the Red (MORE)
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When was the end of knighthood?

Along with the end of the feudal system and the development of gunpowder put paid to Knighthood as a military weapon. One could argue that the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 saw (MORE)
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What is the Knighthood of the order of orange Nassau?

People who have earned special merits for society are eligible for appointment to one of the six knightly grades of the Order of Orange-Nassau. These are people who deserve ap (MORE)