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What do you do if someone keeps knocking on your door?

If someone is knocking at the door, you could: . answer the door . answer the door and choose your response to the person . answer the door and tell the person you are no (MORE)

Is it illegal to sell knock-off purses?

It is illegal to sell purses that are exact replicas of the designer ones, and to tell customers that they are authentic. It is NOT illegal to sell knock-offs that are only si (MORE)
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How much punching pressure to knock someone out?

The fact is, that everyone has a different amount of pressure that will shut their lights off, generally speaking an average punch has about 650-800lbs ( Professionals swing a (MORE)
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How do you knock someone out in boxing?

just think "toe groin head' that's where u hitem it is actually very easy!!!! By giving a hooking action swing you try and hit the jaw perpendicular on the side! the shock wa (MORE)

Engine knocks after turning car off?

Engine is probably running backwards,normally due to engine idle is too high. If vehicle is carburated readjust idle to manufactures specification,normally located on info tag (MORE)
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What to do if someone keeps knocking on you door?

. If someone is knocking on the door, simply dont answer, If they keep knocking DO NOT OPEN IT OR ELSE! If they wont stop, call the police. I did it before and the person wasn (MORE)

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