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Is it illegal to buy knockoffs?

It is not illegal to buy, but it is illegal to sell. Be careful - you usually get what you pay for. -- Its IS illegal to purchase any item that has been dishonestly appropriat (MORE)

Why fashion knockoff should be illegal?

Knockoffs infringe on copyright. Basically what that means is that the designer who created the fashion is the only one with the right to sell it without his/her permission. K (MORE)
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Is knockoff Oakley's a trusted website?

When addressing websites offering "knockoffs" of name brands it is advised that the consumer takes great caution before purchasing. According to several websites, knockoff Oak (MORE)

Is it illegal to mail knockoff bags?

Yes. "Knock-off" bags are a violation of Federal Copyright Laws,  which are vigorously enforced by the holder of the copyright in  civil suits filed in federal court. Mailin (MORE)