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What causes a knockout?

A knockout occurs in fighting or boxing in two ways. The primary way is that the power of a punch causes the brain to crash into the inner wall of the skull. This in turn send (MORE)
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What is a knockout in boxing?

When a boxer, as a result of a heavy blow goes down, the referee starts counting. If the boxer is not up till count of 10 he will be considered 'Knocked Out'.

What are knockout animals?

Animals that have knockout genes. Knock out gene: . A gene knockout (abbreviation: KO ) is a genetic technique in which an organism is engineered to carry genes that hav (MORE)
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How do you play knockout?

First, you have to have three or more people. (More is better.) Have a line that's a good distance from the hoop. Choose who goes first, second, third, fourth, etc, etc... The (MORE)
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What is a knockout rod?

a knock out rod is the rod that will knockout you when you use it

What is gene knockout?

A knockout organism is an organism that's missing a functioning gene. They're used to test the function of genes and genetic diseases, because a researcher can observe specifi (MORE)