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What was the quickest knockout in WEC?

ldo's knockout of Swanson in eight seconds ties the WEC record for fastest knockout with Lalo Moz-Bruce Nelson at WEC 1.
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What was the quickest knockout in UFC?

The fastest UFC knockout was at UFC 102 by Todd Dufee against Tim Hague lasting only 7 seconds of the first round. The fastest UFC Knockout is a tie with the fight from UFC 1 (MORE)

Who had the most knockouts in boxing history?

Archie Moore has any where between 130 and 145 career KO's. BoxRec has 131 Here's a list that I have: BOXER* * * * (*boxer still active)* * * * * * * * KO* * * * CAREER Ar (MORE)

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How do you win basketball knockout?

Make sure you try your hardest and go behind the best person so you can get that person out and then get them all out and win then you will feel very good and proud that you w (MORE)
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What was Muhammad Ali's quickest knockout?

Ali's quickest professional knockout was of Jimmy Robinson at 1:34 of the first round in Ali's 4th professional fight on February 7, 1961.
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What was frank w dux fastest knockout?

Frank W. Dux proffessional record states he holds the fastest KO record of 3.2 Seconds! he is trained in Japanese Ninjitsu
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What kind of roses are Knockout roses?

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