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What causes a knockout?

A knockout occurs in fighting or boxing in two ways. The primary way is that the power of a punch causes the brain to crash into the inner wall of the skull. This in turn send (MORE)
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Fastest knockout in UFC?

Unofficially, Duane "Bang" Ludwig has a knockout of 6 seconds against at UFC Fight Night 3, even though the "official" time was 11 (MORE)
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What was the quickest knockout in a title fight?

Fastest KO's in world title boxing are: 0:17 Shannon Briggs v John Sargent 07/19/2003 (IBU heavyweight title) 0:17 Daniel Jiminez v Harold Geier 09/03/1994 Super-bantamweig (MORE)
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Who has the record for the quickest knockout?

As stated in the Guiness Book of World Records it was Aurele "Al" Catoure former welterweight boxer who holds the record for fastest knockout in boxing history; dropped Ralph (MORE)
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What boxer had the most consecutive knockouts?

Lamar Clark 44 1958-1960 BoxRec has 43 *Billy Fox 43 1943-1947 BoxRec has 36 *Don Steele 42 1994-1997 BoxRec has 41 if you don't count the NC bout in his 3rd bout *Georg (MORE)
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What was klitschko's fastest knockout?

Vitali's was a 32 second ko of Mike Acklie in 1997 in his forth professional fight. Vlad's quickest ko recorded by was 1:02 against Zoran Vujecic in 2000.
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