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What is the significance of Knossos?

Knossos was a Minoan palace complex housing around 5,000 people. The complex sservesas residents, relgious center, and warehouses. Ther were rooms dedicated to hold jars of io ( Full Answer )
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What is the capital of knossos?

The city of Knossos was the capital of ancient Crete. It isadjacent to the modern capital at Heraklion.
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Who built the palace of Knossos?

The palace of Knossos is also known as the labyrinth, so King Midas didn't build it.
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What did the women in knossos where?

they had bushy eye-brows and they wore tight dresses and high heelsunlike the other civilizations,which wore flowy pants.
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Who lived Knossos?

Knossos is a city in Crete and it is believed to be the cultural and religious center of the Minoan Civilization. Legend says that a labryinth was built at Knossos to house th ( Full Answer )
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Can you give me a sentence using Knossos?

When spoken aloud, the "K" in the word "Knossos" is silent. The ruined city of Knossos was the capital of the ancient Minoan civilization.
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Where is the city of Knossos located?

Knossos is located on the northern coast Greece. It is rich in Ancient Greece history and was developed around 1900BC. Consequently, Knossos attracts tourists who wish to se ( Full Answer )