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Where does knots come from?

Knots is the form of measurement of the speed of boats. It was  originally measured by a board being dropped in the water with a  rope tied to it, the other end of the rope (MORE)

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How fast is a knot?

One knot is one nautical mile per hour which is approximately 1.15mph. One knot is 6000 feet per hour 1 nautical mile per hour = 1.151 'regular' mile per hour(rounded)
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What is knotting?

Answer . usually in reference to dog mating where the male dog penis develops a large "knot" at the end during mating.
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What are knots?

A knot is either a way of attaching a rope to something else, ora measurement of speed used for boats and aircraft. One knot is onenautical mile/hour. One nautical mile is 1.8 (MORE)
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What is a knot in?

A piece of string or rope?! You are probably asking about the 'knots' used at sea as a measure of speed. One knot = one nautical mile per hour. Don't ever say 'knots per hour' (MORE)
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Is knotting the present tense of knot?

How it is used determines tense I think. Knot can be used in any tense There was a knot in my laces. There is a knot in my laces. I'm going to knot my laces. Past, present and (MORE)

Where is the knot located?

Please say what knot you are talking about. It is impossible to answer, especially since it isn't in a category that would help narrow down the answer.
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Is knot an adjective?

No. The word knot is a noun, meaning a twist in a rope. The unit of  speed 'knot' means "nautical mile per hour."
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