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What is knotting?

Answer . usually in reference to dog mating where the male dog penis develops a large "knot" at the end during mating.
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How do you get knots out of your hair?

Once i got this huge knot in my hair. I found out john friedas antifrizz conditioner works great!!here are the material u will need and the steps. -comb -john frieda antifriz (MORE)
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What is a knot in?

A piece of string or rope?! You are probably asking about the 'knots' used at sea as a measure of speed. One knot = one nautical mile per hour. Don't ever say 'knots per hour' (MORE)
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Is knotting the present tense of knot?

How it is used determines tense I think. Knot can be used in any tense There was a knot in my laces. There is a knot in my laces. I'm going to knot my laces. Past, present and (MORE)

What is isis knot?

"We do not know the exactly the origin of the Isis knot, whichseems to illustrate a knotted piece of cloth, though initially itshieroglyphic sign was perhaps a variant of the (MORE)

What is a 'Gordian Knot'?

The Gordian Knot of history was a complicated Turk's Head, tied with the bark of the Cornel Tree. Over time, the bark shrank and hardened, making it impossible to untie. Man (MORE)

Why are pretzels knotted?

Why is the sky blue.. Why is The grass green There are some things we dont know.. like why did you ast this question Theres no better placr to ask then S.C (C)