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What is postulates of justice?

The postulates of justice is a term used in the legal field of  Jurisprudence and relates with the relation of society, law and  justice. To define justice is a hard task so (MORE)

What is asa postulate?

The Angle Side Angle postulate( ASA) states that if two angles and the included angle of one triangle are congruent to two angles and the included side of another triangle, th (MORE)

What is bohrs postulates?

1. Electrons orbit the nucleus. They are held in orbit by an electrostatic force.   2. Electrons can only be in certain, permitted orbits and an electron does not emit rad (MORE)
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What is Supplement Postulate?

The Supplement Postulate  states that if two angles form a linear  pair, then they are supplementary.
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What is postulates?

Postulates are assumed truths that are used as the bases for  reasoning, beliefs and discussions. These statements do not often  require proof.
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What is postulate 8?

If two points are in a plane, then the line that contains the points is in that plane
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What are audit postulates?

They are fundamental principles assumed to be truths which help to  explain the social purpose of Auditing and / or audit practice.
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What are Koch's postulates?

Koch's postulates, named for Dr. Robert Koch (1843-1910), are the four principles that define a disease as caused by a specific microbe. Briefly they are :The microorganism is (MORE)
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