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What are the major Cities in kona?

Some major cites on kona are Kailua-kona (It is called that because there is another city on one of the other islands just called Kailua.) Some fun Things to do are visting Al (MORE)

Is kona beter than silvertone guitars?

Kona guitars have a full sound, their acoustics are made of good wood, and have decent hardware. The Kona electrics have decent fretboards, decent wood, reasonable electronics (MORE)

What is AGM technology?

It is acronym for assimilated glass mat. The battery's electrolyte is completely caught up in a tangled glass strands, making a spill-confirmation, watertight battery plan tha (MORE)

Need response is the Kona electric bass guitar for dummies starter pack good for a beginner?

YES! I got this bass pack for Christmas and this sounds, feels, and plays great! The amp was louder than I expected and the bag helps out a lot. One downer is the strap tore u (MORE)

Is technology good?

The truth is it is good for us, but not good for the Environment. The technology has polluted air, and put wastes in our ocean. We have also evolved with tecnology since the s (MORE)

What is technological aids?

Technological aids are a form of communication and also are used to  help communicate using technology. Technological aids are there to  help people who have disabilities or (MORE)

Why is technology a disadvantage?

like everything even the technology has its disadvantages. the main one is that now we are depended on technology and we cant live without it. its a major problem.people are g (MORE)
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What is Genetic Technology?

It is a free, full administration and multi-licensed DNA measurable science organization concentrating fundamentally on the testing and assessment of criminological proof as i (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Kona Coast - 1968?

The cast of Kona Coast - 1968 includes: Joan Blondell as Kittibelle Lightfoot Richard Boone as Capt. Sam Moran Duane Eddy as Tiger Cat Doris Erikson as Doris Erickson Willie E (MORE)